The goal of a living statue is to appear so still, breathless, and uniform that the illusion of lifelessness is created. Statuary is surprising and magical to audiences. People must overcome the “uncanny valley” to interact with a statue or to get a selfie. It is important to reward such an act with kindness and humour. The best feedback during statuary is when people walk past without noticing they are inches from another person. When adults debate the realness from feet away, it is high praise.


Cody Creed is a teacher and Winnipeg performer. He studied mime in the theatre program at the University of Winnipeg. He is engaged in theatre through statuary, puppetry and improv.

Inspired by the exceptional statuary work of buskers in New Orleans, Cody Creed created a statue persona for performance using a balance of discipline and creativity. Through 5 years of practice, he has created many iterations of statue from white to gold to most recently silver. He performs traditional statuary as well as statue puppetry and levitation illusions.

 Cody has been a busker at the Forks, the Red River Ex, and the night market. He was also selected to perform at the Winnipeg Outlet Collection grand opening and the Bay and Algoma busker festival in Thunder Bay.

I am available for your event as a performer or a busker. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me: